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24 7 support

We're here for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Global support

Our friendly support team is always quick to respond, with offices in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand, on any channel.

Email and live chat

Email our helpful team to get assistance with everything from adding a new register, to hardware to inventory, and expanding to new locations, or try our live chat and get help on the spot. Both free with all CaPOS paid subscriptions.

Priority phone support

Jump ahead to the front of the line with priority phone support. Our dedicated team is here anytime you need our help. Included free with our Multi-Outlet plans, and at US$19 per month for Advanced plans.

Social media

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we'll keep you up-to-date with all the latest features and news, answer any questions you or your customers might have, and always promptly reply to your messages.


Our Help Center contains an extensive range of helpful articles, set-up guides, training, video tutorials, and tips & tricks for becoming a better retailer. Available free to all customers.

Make your products work for you

Stay way ahead of the competition and be one of the world's best retailers with CaPOS U.

Free retail resources

Stay up-to-date on the latest retail trends and tips for retail success with our free e-books, guides, retail expert webinars and merchandising blogs.

CaPOS U on-demand courses

Exclusive to CaPOS customers, CaPOS U on-demand courses are designed to help you and your staff ring up more sales, manage operations and run the world's best retail.

Get the most out of CaPOS with thousands of dollars worth of interactive courses.

CaPOS training webinars

Learn about new features and ask our experts to answer your questions, live via webinar. Our training webinars cover everything from essential elements to inventory, e-commerce, and reporting, to more advanced tutorials.

Retailer meet-ups and events

Join one of our thought leadership meet-ups or workshops in your area to catch up with other CaPOS users, retailers and partners. We'll buy you a drink, talk some shop and learn from each other.

Make your products work for you.

Professional services:

Let us handle the details while you go ahead and take care of the business.

Launch services

Take the tiresome chore out of migrating from your current POS system and let our group do the most demanding part. Your dedicated Launch Specialist will personalize a launch program tailored to your needs, train your staff, configure to get you set up quickly and easily.

One-on-one training

Increase your team's productivity by providing them enhanced training. Your dedicated Launch Specialist will tailor a training program for you and your team.


We'll guide your team and you through the entire process of creating an online store using CaPOS E-commerce, and give personalized one-on-one coaching to help you maximize online sales and achieve retail success.

CaPOS Experts.

Work with a CaPOS Expert to obtain the hands-on care,

or the custom solution, or training your business needs.

Premium support and assistance

Our experts provide on-site POS installations, account setup, ongoing training, and hardware configuration for you and your staff.

Experts can also help you with staffing, payments, accounting, add-ons, warehousing, and create custom solutions just for you.

Our worldwide network of CaPOS partners and hardware suppliers means there is almost always a local expert who can help you in person. View our expert directory and locate a CaPOS partner near you.