Customers Management

Build your customer database with such ease.

Add all new customers directly at the point of sale

Save your customer'shopping history as well as pertinent details seamlessly during the next checkout and rapidly grow your active customer database. Capture all customer details with the choice to email them their receipt or have it printed out for them.

Create customer profiles

Customer details are automatically stored in their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

Import your customer list to CaPOS

You've worked very hard to build and nurture your customer database. Bring those contacts over to CaPOS quickly with a simple CSV upload.

Gift Cards

Attract new customers and help to increase revenue for gift cards.

Bring new customers to your store

Help your customers spread the love. Gift cards are one of the most requested items for birthdays and holidays. They are also a great way to get new customers into your store.

Increase your revenue

65% of gift card redeemers spend 38% over the initial value of their gift card,* and are much more likely to buy products at regular price. Take full advantage of this opportunity.

*CEB Tower Group study, 2014 (USA).

Get set up in a flash

Gift cards are hassle-free. Enable the purchasing of gift cards in your account, buy cards from our preferred supplier or your regular CaPOSor, or get creative and make your own.

Easily sell & redeem gift cards

Process gift cards using CaPOS on a web browser or the CaPOS Register iPad app, or let customers redeem them on your CaPOS E-commerce store.

Build great long-lasting customer relationships.

Create customer groups

Treat your valuable customers with regular discounts or targeted promotions. Merely create a VIP customer group and apply special pricing. Use groups to manage all your employee privileges and your wholesale operations efficiently.

Export your list to your email marketing tool

Export your customer database to your preferred email marketing tool for newsletters and targeted marketing.

Centrally manage your customer database

Instead of refunds, keep your customers coming back by issuing store credit or offer them as a goodwill gesture to valuable customers. Your customers will be able to redeem all or part of their store credit balance the very next time they are in your store.

Issue store credit to your customers

Manage one central customer list for all your outlets, including your CaPOS E-commerce store. Your customer database and purchase history will always be in sync and updated, no matter where your customers are shopping.

Grow repeat business with your customer loyalty program.

Engage with loyalty.

Build your custom program.

CaPOS Loyalty is powerful, flexible and easy to use. New customers can automatically be added to the program, or you can encourage them to join your mailing list by inviting them to sign up via email.

Earning and redeeming loyalty rewards

Customers earn loyalty on every single qualifying purchase and can also redeem it in the future. Staff can view a customer's balance at the sell and payment screens and apply that balance during checkout.

You're in control

Offer a straightforward loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for select products.

Know your devoted customers

Understand who your most loyal and dedicated customers are and how they spend. Quickly see the total balance of loyalty earned across all your customer's purchase history.